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Readers of my previous article will remember that part of my philosophy is that a young girl will always benefit from a bit of discipline, even if she hasn't been doing anything in particular that would merit it.

After all, all girls are naughty at some time or other.

She was truly a vision of loveliness and innocence.

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It is a fairly extensive list, and the upperclass girls have learned that it's in their own best interest to study it very closely.

"And have the other girls given you any idea what to expect? I very much regret to have to inform you that your punishment must be quite severe." Sarah caught her breath, "Oh! " With a smile I reached around and opened the doors of the wall cabinet behind me. But, you..can't...." I was silent, and Sarah found courage to ask me something else, which plagued her young mind. To have to bare her OWN panties in front of a strange man, and man who was about to PUNISH the tender bottom that they covered. She just couldn't get over her embarrassment and humiliation. Marks...p-please don't do this to me..." she whimpered. "Now reaching down with your hands, bend until you can grasp the lower parts of the legs of the chair. Her whole body, even her bottom, shook with her miserable sobs. You may be aware that a spanking unavoidably involves a hand touching a bottom. I could sense that she longed to protect her sacrosanct rear end but dared not move. Sarah's trembling seemed to increase, but I also thought I detected a subtle motion - a slight rocking of the hips with each little tickle - as if she wanted me to press harder. "Because of your original list of offenses you were already scheduled for a very severe punishment regime. P-please...y-you w-were t-touching me and I couldn't h-help what h-happened..." "I'm sorry, Sarah, there's no excuse for behaving like a trollop. I went on, "You have two seconds to begin removing your bra. However I decided to give them one more treat before dismissing them.

" "No, sir, except some have laughed and told me I'd be a sorer and wiser girl afterwards." She managed a weak smile. As the doors swung opened Sarah's innocent eyes were treated to the shocking sight of a truly impressive array of canes, straps, paddles, and whips. " I asked the poor thing, who was starting to sob again. For a good Catholic girl, it was almost beyond endurance! Sarah's sobbing stopped abruptly as she became aware that I was walking around my desk and approaching her. I warn you so that you won't move out of position or make the slightest motion to protect your bottom. Was she experiencing forbidden thrills and striving to resist them? From her rapid shallow breathing I became convinced that Sarah's world had suddenly become very simple. While so engaged, I said, "Now, I hope you understand that I have no responsibility to explain any of my actions to you, my dear. Now you have forced me to extend and amplify your punishments. However, as always, you can help your situation by becoming obedient. "Boys, you see before you a shameless wanton, who indulges her baser nature even under discipline and in front of strange men.

"Come here, my dear," I said in as friendly a voice as I could muster, "have a seat, won't you? In the letter, Sarah's father explicitly granted the school the right to use any and every means of discipline that any of our girls were subject to. Then, bursting into tears, the devastated girl fell on her knees in front of the desk and prayed to me, "Oh, sir, please don't do this to me. "Now, remember what I said about obeying me instantly and completely, and tell me exactly - what part of your body are you afraid I'll punish. " Cowed, the poor thing answered, ", sir. I simply can't allow that." Laughing, I answered, "My dear, my dear, your bottom is going to be punished, very well punished, and you have no say in the matter. " Then, through an apparently intense struggle, Sarah managed to tap a reservoir of courage, "Mr. I will willingly submit to any decent punishment." I was very impressed. You may wonder if I considered giving in to Sarah's courageous demands. I was even more determined that Sarah would suffer the utmost in humiliation and discomfort before our session was over. After a couple of seconds, I responded calmly, "Sarah, you DO have the choice of whether to submit willingly or unwillingly. I know that this school would NEVER allow such horrible indecency, and I know that you are a horrible man to even suggest it! I think it is time to demonstrate to you that I am NOT bluffing." I pushed a button on my desk and immediately a door behind me opened. All she could do was stare in disbelief at the two boys, who, in turn, eagerly evaluated Sarah's feminine charms. They are part time assistants from the boy's school down the road. Sam released Sarah and Ken quickly grabbed the two articles of clothing before she could reach them. " she pleaded, unable to think what else to do as she watched her hopes for any immediate return of her modesty leave the room. " I smiled, staring unabashedly at her half nude upper torso, where her breasts in the large white bra reminded me of missile nose cones. What part of your body are you going to cheerfully present to me for punishment? Instead, through your own willfulness, your skirt will be out of the way. " and, agonizingly, she slowly raised her the back of her skirt. For a teenage girl, Sarah simply had an amazing set of tits. " I said, very softly, but with a menacing overtone. In addition, it was easier to see the woeful expression on her face and to watch the tears trickle down her pretty cheeks.

" as I pointed at the chair in front of my rather large desk. Punish me in some other way - not on my, my, oh, I can't say it! Marks, I can never willingly let you inappropriately handle or view parts of my body that my Catholic modesty forbids. What you don't have is the ability to avoid punishment. Apparently she had never even considered the idea that her bottom might be BARED. In walked two handsome and well built teenage boys. They have been working for me for over a year, now, and they have plenty of experience in helping me to convince reluctant girls how useless their resistance is. Will you promise to obey me in whatever I order you and to accept your very richly deserved punishment, or will Ken and Sam get a chance to do a bit of stripping on you? She turned an appealing glance to me and, when she saw that I was not responding, she stared again at the young boys. All she could do was to hold her arms and hands in front of her breasts in a close to futile attempt at retaining her modesty. " as she couldn't help but notice the naked lust in the eyes of her two new young friends. Ken, Sam, you may go now, but why don't you take your booty with you." Clearly disappointed, my two young helpers left, but Sarah was far from relieved as she realized they were taking her clothing with them. Staring at the floor, the shocked girl said, "No, sir. Sarah, remember Ken and Sam, remember that your modesty will suffer much worse if they come back in, and raise your skirt in back above your bottom." "Oh, I can't." "Oh Sam..." I started to call. It was a terrific struggle, and she seemed to stop just at the point when her panties were about to come into view. "I don't believe you were given permission to cover your breasts, were you, Sarah? With a soft crying moan Sarah slowly lowered her arms to her sides, unveiling in the process a pair of breasts that had every right to be considered legendary. The young beauty gave in, stopping where she was and dejectedly letting her arms fall to her sides. I nodded to the boys and the eagerly approached their prey.

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