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William Matthew of the Museum of Natural History identified it as a phytosaur, and it was named .Toward the end of the Triassic, the region became more arid, signaling a major catastrophe: the red beds of the Newark Strata reveal a major change in fossils, marking a global extinction event known as the Triassic-Jurassic boundary, which marks the onset of the break-up of Pangaea.Later, during the Mississipian and Pennsylvanian periods (collectively known as the Carboniferous), seed-ferns colonized vast lowland tracts that extended away from the marshy edges of the sea.The evolution of seeds, which encased the embryonic plants in a protective covering, enabled plants to reproduce in drier habitats.Dina Eastwood, 48, is said to be romantically linked to University of Hawaii basketball coach Scott Fisher, while the legendary "Dirty Harry" star, 83, is reportedly romancing Fisher's ex-wife, according to an US Weekly report."After Scott and Erica divorced, Erica was sure Scott was romancing Dina," a source told the magazine.

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The amber, embedded in ancient clay deposits, revealed 100 species of plants and animals hitherto unknown to science.

Clint Eastwood and his estranged wife Dina Eastwood may be involved in a slight case of swinging spouses.

Holtz, Jr., in Natural History 114:4 (5/05), 40-41.]The fossilized tracks of the of the Connecticut River Valley and New Jerseys Newark Basin, as well as on other continents of Pangaea.

No fossil evidence has been unearthed in our region for the Late Jurassic giants, but fossilized dinosaur footprints dating to the Flowering plants make their first appearance in the fossil record around 95 million years ago.

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