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New Democrat candidate Mike Thomas, 56, a retired police officer and police union president, is looking for support from voters leery of voting for a teenager and disgruntled with 13 years of Liberal government and scandals, from e Health to the recent bribery charges against Wynne’s former chief of staff.“I’m asking people to make an informed decision,” he said, calling his police and union time “very valuable life experiences.”Oosterhoff fans dissatisfaction with the Wynne administration, which is struggling in recent polls — a message that was loud and clear during the meeting in Vineland.

Ringuette was jeered, booed and laughed at several times on issues ranging from electricity prices to a 2012 Liberal government decision to scrap plans to redevelop the hospital in Grimsby, in the west end of the riding sandwiched between Hamilton and St. When she mocked Oosterhoff for never having paid a hydro bill, one man shouted “lucky him!

Sam Oosterhoff, left, with Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown, is the Tory candidate in Niagara West-Glanbrook.

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He is on hiatus from first-year political science studies at Brock University.

”The Conservative told reporters age “isn’t an issue” when he rings doorbells around the riding and called criticisms of his teen status “political cynicism.”Back on Main St., voters give Oosterhoff credit for beating out veteran politicos twice his age — including PC party president Rick Dykstra, a former MP for St.

Catharines — to win the Tory nomination and a chance at a job that pays about 9,000 annually.

So basically you have 2 different cites on each side of a waterfall.

You have a vibrant and growing city on the Canadian side, and the American side is struggling to catch up with it's Canadian twin, Niagara Falls, New York has turned into a small version of Gary, Indiana.

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