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There's even photographic proof that they have been friends for so long and nothing more has ever come of it.Obviously, age doesn't really matter as we've seen lots of celebrities date other celebrities who are much older or younger than they are.Despite being spotted on dates with Niall, 22, at various sporting events earlier last month she told her son Roman, now seven, she was too busy to see him during his spring break even though he begged to see her. Jessica Serfaty's ex-husband tells Daily Mail Online exclusively he's been raising the couple's 7-year-old son as a single dad over the past four-and-a-half years in Arkansas while Jessica is living in Los Angeles.She is currently dating One Direction's Niall Horan (right)While Jessica posts hundreds of glamorous pictures of herself posing in bikinis and sipping cocktails in Hollywood on her Instagram page, Ididia is busy taking Roman to school, going grocery shopping and taking care of the dozens of other responsibilities a working single father must do.In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online, Ididia Serfaty, 30, says his ex, the former America's Next Top model contestant dating the One Direction star, only sees the youngster in the summer holidays.It was all totally casual and they looked super relaxed – kind of like you would look if you were hanging out with an old friend.She told magazine, "I'd rather you actually asked me about somebody else other than Niall, to be honest.The whole dating thing was fueled when they rang in the New Year together, partied together in London and even admitted to having late-night sleepovers.

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Niall just announced that he will be going on tour and he has recently admitted that he has no time for dating.

Ididia, a strict Christian, tells Daily Mail Online although he doesn't have feelings for his ex anymore he won't discount them ever getting back together – as he believes God would want them to be together as a family.

He has 30million followers on Twitter, a legion of female admirers and a string of high profile exes.

" He asks his dad when he's going to move to California.'I want to be honest but I don't want to bash her,' he tells.

'I went through a phase myself where I bashed her and I said those things that other people say about how she has chosen the Hollywood lifestyle over her son but the last thing I want to do now is go backwards in my life and start criticizing my ex-wife for her choices.

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