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Even though her pussy had not touched his body yet she was dripping wet.

But she wanted it to last and began instead to massage his chest and shoulders.

She smiled to herself to see how he was already horny again, remembering how many times she had touched and teased and massaged him, always amazed how hard he could be. She felt hotter, hornier, wetter, wanting to feel it inside her, but enjoying the anticipation.

She had decided to lead this time, to tease and seduce him, use him for her delight.

She sensed him admiring her proud breasts, seeing their erect nipples; relishing her subtle curves, her slim waist, her lovely pussy that he knew so well. Now they must connect, give to each other, use each other, give in to nature's call.

He went to sit by the fire, on the blanket her had prepared for them, and gazed back at her. She made up her mind and told him to lie down for her.

In one swift movement she lifted her dress and pulled it up over her head, dropping it to the ground, releasing her proud young body to the elements, raising her hands and offering herself to the fire's heat.She let her body fall and lay over him, kissing him passionately on the mouth as she felt her last spasms and his last throb.They lay in silence, satisfied - but not sated, knowing they would soon want to come again, as they had been doing all the hot summer day. She wanted more, and wanted to take more of him, and use her powers to stimulate his desire.Using her arms, she raised then lowered her body onto him, feeling herself give way to the inevitable push of his tool, using her inner muscles to clasp it inside, lowering herself so it went deeper up into her.He grunted with pleasure as he arched his body up to her, forcing himself up deeper inside her.

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