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Richard La Ruina's top article generates over 12100 views. You have exceeded the time limit and your reservation has been released.Neuro-Linguistic Programming is currently being studied in universities all around the world. This is an important measure to get NLP the recognition it deserves.The more as scientific community seems to be biased towards NLP. Just simply using positive words rather than negative words allows you to convey the same information without affecting the mood. Pacing and leading If she is speaking negatively, first pace it by agreeing and expanding on it, but then take charge and turn things positive by changing the subject or positively reframing the negative event.Pacing and leading also applies to energy and state.If she is cold with you, don't be loving with her, instead match her coldness and then slowly lead her into being seductive by slowly becoming seductive yourself.

Do this by:-Speaking at a similar speed, and using a similar amount of gestures.-Feeding back the words they use in conversation.-Mirroring the way they sit, the amount of eye contact, and the facial expression.

You can get away with a surprising amount of mirroring and matching: they don't seem to notice! Anchoring Anchoring is the process of linking a touch, sound, or visual input to an emotion.

When the woman laughs, you can click your fingers, or touch her and it will anchor the emotion to the click or touch.

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