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Middle to late spring is the best time for college guys like Mark to pick up cute naive chicks who are so willing to fall in love they'd even have sex with a total stranger on a very first date.

Who cares if this silly kitten thought it was more than just casual sex?

Josh still teases us via the Diary Room that he still has a lot to think about this week, but he doesn’t.

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You can feel a sexual spark between them from the start and no wonder they end up making passionate love right there.

Maybe it was the way he licked her pussy and got her really aroused or she was just horny and hungry for cock, but the sex was awesome.Of course it’s just a bunch of Josh crying and Paul acting (very poorly) shocked to keep the blood off his hands.Now we’ve got Alex trying to piece together who Jason and Raven went home and Kevin is still in the house.And Paul remains silent, letting Josh and Christmas take all the blame.And speaking of which, Paul has to make sure that trend continues.

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