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What they can do is suck up the scammers time and just reel them in in return. In fact, in the dating industry, some sites used to use ‘scammer hell.’ They’ll identify scammers and then put them into their own database where they just scam each other. If you hop on a plane to meet your lover, you might be placing yourself in physical danger.My advice, don’t send money to someone you’ve never met, and don’t jump on a plane until you’ve verified the identity and existence of the person you’re visiting. Trisha Hershberger is a You Tuber who first gained notoriety as a host on Source Fed. After her departure, she made occasional guest appearances including in the final Source Fed video released in March 2017.Since leaving Source Fed, Trisha has become best known for her series The Naked Truth. Trisha emphasizes that The Naked Truth is NOT a sexy show, hence why it is done from the shoulders up and no private parts are shown.

Millions are lost to these scammers each year – and worse still, the crime may be underestimated, as victims are often too distraught to reveal the extent of their losses.

At first we'd just play really elaborate games with our Barbie dolls, and the 'storylines' always revolved around relationships and affairs and weddings and heartbreak. And after a couple of years of friendship I finally opened up to her about my sexy daydreams and about how sometimes I'd think about people or scenarios and put my hand in my knickers before bed.

We'd stick on epic movie soundtracks during sleepovers and we'd cry together just talking about love stories. She did something then that ultimately changed my life, my focus and my expectations forever, completely stripping the last of my innocence. My self-esteem has absolutely been squashed to dust by cyberbullying.

But, of course, my bliss was cut short by social norms and as I got older, I had no idea how to identify myself for a very, very long time.

I went on to frequently develop crushes on boys and girls; women and men; strangers and singers; teachers and movie stars.

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