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But worse it is incredibly dark, that is to those used to living in the town or city.

In recent years the new M1 which is about ¾ of a mile away as the crow flies, has provided a background hum from the endless stream of traffic, heading north or south, this provides comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone, but if the wind is from the west, the traffic noise is absent and then it can be both inky dark and eerily quiet. There are a number of tales of ghosts and unexplained events, however no manifestations have ever been witnessed by me, so I merely relate some of them for the record.

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He served in the Coldstream Guards in the First World War, but didn't like to talk about it (except that he once stood guard at Buckingham Palace).Also it was less than a fine example of steam transport, being used principally to move coal from the collieries in Garforth (hardly a prime location for a Russian Prince) to the coal staithes in Aberford.It is true that by 1903 a third engine had been introduced, the Empress bought 31st March 1897, again from Manning Wardle engine# 1254, and it is a fact that the engines did carry passengers in the single coach, pictures of the old railway engines are available here ] Then, proceeds the article, on the sixth day he (The Prince) went out for a walk in the woods and never returned.Anyway, he bent down the trunk of the young beech tree in Parlington Woods and spliced it into the tree next to it so that it grew as a perfect graft, forming the letter N for Nellie (for Nellie Mosby, before she married him and became our grandma).He was very poud of the tree, and it's a pity if it goes on record as being someone else's work.

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