Online dating from a christian perspective

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When religions have a "holy book," it is used as a direct message from God.Law proclaimed by the ruler is also considered a divine revelation, and hence the law of God.These characteristics apply also to a caesaropapist regime.

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and negative connotations, especially in Hegel's hands.The papacy in the Papal States occupied a middle ground between theocracy and ecclesiocracy, since the pope did not claim he was a prophet who received revelation from God and translated it into civil law.Religiously endorsed monarchies fall between these two poles, according to the relative strengths of the religious and political organs.Theocracy is distinguished from other, secular forms of government that have a state religion, or are influenced by theological or moral concepts, and monarchies held "By the Grace of God".In the most common usage of the term, some civil rulers are leaders of the dominant religion (e.g., the Byzantine emperor as patron and defender of the official Church); the government proclaims it rules on behalf of God or a higher power, as specified by the local religion, and divine approval of government institutions and laws.

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