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The videos below should give you a basic idea of the environment.The massage girls usually have numbered badges on their dresses, and a kind of manager is always around to assist you with choosing the “right number”.In order to fully benefit from a massage, a two-hours session is recommended.Traditional Thai Massage is a therapeutic practice and not to be confused with a soapy massage (“body massage”) which can more precisely be described as an erotic body-to-body massage using loads of soapy water.Alternatively you might want to try an oil massage which provides a softer form of relaxation.Note: Depending on the policy of the massage parlour and the readiness of your massage girl to provide “extra” services, an oil massage session may by all means turn into an outright so-called “dirty massage”, culminating in a hand or blow job.Massage parlours and “spas” that provide Thai, foot and oil massage, as well as variations using aromatic oils (Aromatherapy) or a herbal heat compress (herbal massage), can be found all over Pattaya and in virtually every side-street.

At the beginning of a massage session, which usually lasts an hour or two, the massage recipient will change into loose and comfortable pyjama-like clothes and lie down on a mat or firm mattress on the ground.A standard one-hour session usually costs the same as a Thai massage (200 Baht).While most massage shops in Pattaya restrict their services to traditional Thai-style massage (spiced up perhaps with a few non-standard “extras”), a full body massage or “soapy massage” is really more than just a massage of the body for the sake of therapeutic benefits.A “soapy” is probably better described as a sensual body-to-body massage. The basic idea is that you get a full massage of your body, lubricated with lots of soapy water and culminating in a round of physical exercises on the mattress; in other words: sex.Upon entering a typical body massage parlour, you should first find yourself in a dimly-lit kind of “reception room” facing a panoramic glass front (“fish bowl”) behind which the massage girls are seated.

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