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Put off and suspicious that her black skin had something to do with it, Roderique slapped her white friend's photo on the same dating profile, and watched as the messages came pouring in.

Then, she tried a photo of herself, digitally altered to make her appear Caucasian, and saw even more messages filling up her inbox.

"You always wonder what it's like on the other side and I lived it and found out," Roderique said.

"I wasn't expecting the difference to be that stark." Roderique suggests people of colour might find more success with dating offline, or on niche websites.

The informal experiment led Roderique to a disheartening conclusion: "People aren't as open as perhaps they claim to be." Roderique joined CTV's Your Morning Wednesday, to share the details of her social experiment, which highlighted what she says are some of the underlying realities of the supposedly liberal-minded dating scene in Toronto.

"When you conduct interviews with people, they generally express that they are happy to date outside their race," she said.

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She put her suspicions to the test by enlisting her Ph. "We're about the same height and weight and similar attractiveness, so I asked if she was willing to be my guinea pig," Roderique said.

Jessica posed for photos while wearing the same clothes Roderique had worn in her own.

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