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A 1967 Jaguar XKE convertible, which is decorated with a large Union Jack, pulls beside Austin. The glove compartment revolves to reveal a picture phone. This is Basil Exposition, Chief of British Intelligence.

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LAS VEGAS (STOCK FOTTAGE) - NIGHT GRAPHIC: 1967 - SOMEWHERE IN NEVADA It is set against the obvious skyline of Las Vegas. We see a huge oversized conference table with six scary-looking EVIL ASSOCIATES, including a Latin American REVOLUTIONARY in a field jacket and turtleneck, TWIN NORDIC DOCTORS, and a METER MAID. After a moment, Austin returns from around the corner with a baton, followed by a MARCHING BAND. A panel revolves to reveal a map of London with lights showing Austin's position and the location of the club. Austin wags his finger in a "oh, you" fashion, and then proceeds to knee him the balls. CARNABY STREET - DAY Austin is being chased around the corner by a GAGGLE OF SCHOOLGIRLS. Evil escaped from Zedel Edel Prison in Baaden Baaden and now he's planning a trap for you tonight at the Electric Psychedelic Pussycat Swinger's Club in Picadilly Circus here in swinging London. BASIL EXPOSITION Oh, and Austin&emdash; AUSTIN Yes? The mob of girls catches up to Austin and he runs away. PHONE BOOTH Austin's in a phone booth with his back turned. Finally, he pulls a big sixties FLOWER from behind the guard's head and presents it to him. The blind man, obviously sighted, moves the cup to catch the coin. Austin mugs for the guard, trying to get him to crack up, but to no avail. PHOTO BOOTH The girls run by a Sixties-era photo booth with somebody inside. ANGLE ON THE FILM STRIP Panels 1-3 show Austin with various exotic MODELS. The page flips and we see visa stamps from all the exotic places he's been. CARNABY STREET - DAY Austin flips a coin into a BLIND MAN's cup.

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