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Rheingold discusses the way in which people we don’t know can affect our happiness.

By swiping through Tinder, someone’s profile picture(s) or bio can have an effect on our happiness.

Other people, even those we do not personally know, have the ability to affect the level of our happiness.

Online dating has become primary source for finding a relationship in today’s society, especially with the younger generation and their use of the Tinder app.

By gaining access to your profile, Tinder displays pictures of your choosing, pages or topics you have liked, age, distance from the individual looking at your page and the bio you have put together for people to read.

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The fact that they’re friends with that person might irritate you and affect your decision to swipe right or left on them.In the past I have tried to keep track of who gave me which award and even that I cannot do it correctly 🙂 I do appreciate getting awards and it does bring a smile to my face every time I receive one!So if I missing you in this list please remind me and I will update it. The blogs I am nominating range from poetry to recipes, from photo blogs to dating life, from book reviews to bible verses and everything else in between. Tinder is an app that allows people to connect and meet other individuals who are looking to make new friends, date, hook up or party.

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