Outlook asks for password when updating address book

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Eventually Outlook may autodiscover other available Client Access servers in the site and connect to one of them, but it is not an ideal user experience.To improve this situation we need to look at the Outlook Anywhere configuration for the Client Access servers.

There was no manual configuration required for this, it is just how Outlook autodiscovered the endpoint to connect to.

Netstat shows me that the client has resolved mail.exchange2013to and Outlook is connecting to E15MB2 at the moment.

netstat -ano | findstr ":80" TCP ESTABLISHED 2272 TCP ESTABLISHED 2272 TCP ESTABLISHED 2272 TCP ESTABLISHED 2272 So to test high availability I shut down E15MB2 while observing the Outlook connection status dialog.

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He works as a consultant, writer, and trainer specializing in Office 365 and Exchange Server.

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