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We can also look forward to Steve Oedekerk’s “Stretch Armstrong,” Gore Verbinski’s “Clue,” Ridley Scott’s “Monopoly,” Kevin Lima’s “Candyland,” and Platinum Dunes’ “Ouija,” which ought to be excellent horror film material.

To help determine the manufacturing date of Hammond organs and Leslie speakers.

This information is being compiled, organized and edited into a soon to be released book that details all sorts of production and manufacturing information, including tables showing serial numbers and their date of production.

Some of the entries on the age list show actual known production dates and can be used as markers to guage the quality of other entries around them.

Your information will be placed in a holding area for review and added to the age list after acceptance.

To include a Leslie speaker or Hammond Tone Cabinet see the bottom of this page. Beginning in late 1935 and continuing to mid-1975, the archetypal instrument we think of when hearing the word "organ" was produced by the thousands.

The code typically takes the form of YYWW, where YY is the last two digits of the production year and WW is the production week. All of the speakers in Hammond organs, Hammond Tone Cabinets and Leslie cabinets dating from 1946 forward that I have seen have production date codes stamped on them. The coding scheme is XXXYWW where XXX is the company EIA code (Jensen = 220, Rola = 285, Heppner = 575), Y is the last digit of the production year, and WW is the production week.

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All available information must be taken as a whole, and, combined with some general tips and observations provided below, a narrow range of probable production years can be arrived at which in many cases will be accurate enough for most people's desires.

One thing to remember in this chronological quest is these instruments were built to be played, not (in most cases) to become museum pieces.

Don't get too hung up on searching for temporal coordinates to the exclusion of the unit's real purpose as a musical instrument.

Get the status on them, and what more to expect from Universal’s board game kick, after the jump.

Berg has taken the project as a part of a two film deal with Universal, reports Variety.

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