Problem updating spybot

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A Spybot-S&D Updater window will pop up asking you to select a place to download from.Select any "USA" location on the list and select "Continue".Twelve years ago "spyware" wasn't in most people's vocabulary, so early antispyware products like Ad-Aware and Spybot had to work on education.It's not entirely clear which of them had the first full-scale antispyware—even Spybot's creator isn't sure. Spybot - Search & Destroy 2.0 is the first update in a long, long time.

I noticed some venerable names like Aureate and Virtumonde in the display.Fully half of those were still running after Spybot's supposed cleanup.Spybot's overall score of 1.5 points is also a new low.Spybot didn't do any damage, but that's because it didn't do much of anything.Dismal Malware Removal I ran an initial update on each test system.

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