Proco rat serial number dating

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Rat serial numbers are not recorded and are only vaguely sequential.

But based on what I've seen, a serial number in the 80,000 to 100,000 range dates back to around 1988 - the period when the RAT-2 was released and the original Rat (small-box, black-face) was discontinued (there was an overlap).

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I believe you can also open up your Rat and look at the pots - the two numbers in the middle are year the pedal was made.

In nearly every case, all we had to do was enter data in the appropriate fields and mouse over to the Enter button, and proco the rat serial number displayed the destination URL in a small pop-up.

Pro Co has also introduced tonal variations of the RAT, including the Turbo RAT and You Dirty RAT, among others.

The Pro Co RAT became very popular in the early 1980s, thanks in part to fame gained by its use by several artists.

Various RAT2 circuit board layouts and wiring configurations have surfaced in the last few years, including the noted "RAT3 version A and B" all under the RAT2 moniker.

The RAT2 model is still available today, but in 2008 production moved to China and is now manufactured by Neutrik for Pro Co Sound.

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