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I don’t remember a prolonged moment when my plate was dirty.

A rich beefy overtone in this 365-day grain-fed 9 oz striploin is not its sole strength, for the red-wine-glazed piece of meat is exceptionally tender, and to my surprise, has very even marbling.

At CBD-housed The Black Swan, where there actually is a Jazz Night every Tuesday featuring artists like The Steve Mc Queens, those moments will never seem more real.

The magnificence of The Black Swan epic begins with its setup.

Grandparents feel out of touch when it comes to issues of child custody and divorce.

While they undoubtedly love their grandchildren, the tension involved with a divorce can cause them to be overlooked by the natural parents. Medically, it is illustrated as the end result of changes in the amount of secretion of hormones such as estrogen and androgen in human bodies during the time of getting into teen age or so.

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