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Ces derniers mois ont été assez forts en découverte dans le rap français.Les rookies pleuvent, envoient des clips marquants, et sortent de courts projets souvent impactants et originaux.You do not need the chomp() method as that only serves to remove the Enter from the end of the line.Cam’ron seems very interested in getting involved in feuds with his contemporaries.En bref, Mojo est un EP plein de promesses et déjà particulièrement mature.

The script where I need to input the IP and hit enter reads as follows: It sounds like you are trying to edit the same script that is asking for the IP? Starting to write to your own stdin, or emulating keystrokes is hairy.The 30-track playlist is a mixture known and exclusive tracks that CMG has compiled and Cam’Ron has a standout record on it called, La Havana.It’s a typical Cam track, but the shots he’s throwing at Kanye West are what to listen out for. Read More » After taking shots at Ma$e on his recent project The Program, Cam'ron now appears to be throwing jabs at Kanye West on his latest song. 20), Cinematic Music Group released a 30-track playlist featuring two songs from Cam'ron.On peut penser à Nusky ou à Di-Meh mais aussi à Usky.Ce dernier erre dans le rap français depuis quelques années, mais il vient tout juste de se faire connaître, notamment par le biais de deux singles forts et bien mis en image : Mojo et 3 x M.

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