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This history highlights 4-H promotion at the national level, particularly by National 4-H Council and its two predecessor organizations – National 4-H Service Committee (formerly National Committee on Boys and Girls Club Work) and National 4-H Club Foundation, and by the 4-H and Information offices of Extension/USDA.Some specific examples of efforts at the state and local levels are included, particularly when they resulted in national impact or national visibility.

Information staffs of both organizations often planned, coordinated and carried out promotional projects together.American Dairy Association, 4-H And Walt Disney Studios Team Up Another Walt Disney Film Glenn Mc Carthy Productions films The Green Promise Universal Pictures Distributes 4-H Film, Tom Boy and the Champ Twentieth Century-Fox Produces 4-H Film - Young America Most of the history sections appearing on the National 4-H History Preservation website as researched and written by the National 4-H History Preservation team, tell a narrative story. This is a compendium of selected short stories which stand alone.Many are stories of significant 4-H promotion or visibility programs.Reviewing 4-H promotion at the national level over the past century, there are two major statements that can be made; almost contradicting one another.First, traditionally promotion dollars never seemed to be a high priority item...

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