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• Information of detection and treatment options need to be well publicized (ex: Medicare provides free STD screenings and low cost treatments) • Distribute free condoms in places where seniors live and congregate Whatever the reason or the chosen solution, the critical first step is having a conversation with your loved one and educating them on the dangers of having unprotected sex.

As interesting as the conversation was at the PTA event, from experience the "you must use condoms" conversation with Uncle Dominic is going to be that and then some.

Lately it seems wherever I go (speaking event, supermarket, funeral etc.) I get asked questions about seniors having sex.

In honor of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) having designated April "STD Awareness Month" I'll share a relevant experience from a recent PTA sponsored social gathering at my daughter's school.

Seniors across the board are contracting STDs at an alarming rate and the STDs cover the same spectrum as younger people.

Everything from syphilis (see above) to HIV (in 2013, people aged 50 and over accounted for 27% HIV diagnoses in the United States).

This time, I received a response that fit squarely into the first category.

The reality is your college-aged daughter on spring break and your grandmother in the nursing home should each be equally worried about catching chlamydia from the guy (or the grandfather) next door.For example, between 20, chlamydia infections among Americans 65 and over increased by 31 percent, and syphilis by 52 percent.Most caregivers are surprised because they never imaged sexually transmitted diseases to be one of the many issues they could encounter when caring for an elderly loved one.A more detailed examination runs the gamut from the simple to the complex: • Men using E. drugs plus post-menopausal women (without fear of pregnancy) equals unprotected risky sex • Significantly fewer older men are available, so women in an effort to please (an keep) a partner have risky unprotected sex • Older people are now using on-line dating and thus are relatively unfamiliar with their partners and their sexual histories • Many of today's "Baby Boomers" came to maturity during the sexual revolution of the 1960s/1970s and are now reverting back to their previous risky sexual behavior • A lot of seniors were already married when sex education gained prominence and therefore missed the "safe sex" talks and never learned "safe sex etiquette" • As people age their immune systems tend to weaken making them more susceptible to contracting ANY disease - including STDs • Seniors because of embarrassment are less likely to discuss sexual issues with their doctors - which can further lead to the spread of STDs • Many doctors don't think to test seniors for STDs as a standard examination protocol.Individually or in combination, the reasons above can lead to the spread of STDs amongst seniors.

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