Pull list app not updating

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The refresh indicator is placed in a Grid above the Items Presenter, which is the part that shows the list items. You handle this event in your app to control the refresh indicator.In the sample, this storyboard is started to animate the indicator's Rotate Transform and spin the refresh indicator.Otherwise, it's assumed that the user is pulling in order to pan up in the list.The code in this handler determines whether the manipulation started with the content at the top of the scroll viewer, and can result in the list being refreshed.

If the control can be refreshed, event handlers for animations are also added.

A Deferral object is used to to mark the completion of the refresh. This part of the Direct Manipulation Completed event handler raises the View Changed Two cases are handled in the View Changed event handler.

First, if the view changed due to the scroll viewer zooming, the control's 'refreshable' status is canceled.

Second, if the content finished animating up at the end of an auto refresh, the padding rectangles are hidden, touch interactions with the scroll viewer are re-anabled, the Vertical Offset is set to 0.

Pointer Pressed Pull-to-refresh happens only when the list is pulled down by a touch manipulation.

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