Radioactive age dating for organic matter

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When oil wells are drilled, the oil is almost always found to be under great pressure.This presents a problem for those who claim "millions of years" for the age of oil, simply because rocks are porous.For as time goes by, the oil should seep into tiny pores in the surrounding rock, and, over time, reduce the pressure. Perhaps because our oil deposits were created as a result of Noah's Flood only about 4600 years ago?Some scientists say that after about 10,000 years little pressure should be left. Assuming that this rate has been constant in the past we can conclude that the earth would have been so hot only one million years ago that no life could have survived.All of the proposed theories as to where it came from have serious problems.It is a complete mystery unless it was designed that way from the beginning.

The shorter the time involved, the more likely that a specific process has been constant, and unaltered by external influences.The gravitational pull between the Earth and Moon causes the Earths oceans to have tides.The tidal friction between the Earths terrestrial surface and the water moving over it causes energy to be added to the Moon.Or to say it another way: there is a LOT of scientific evidence that suggests the Earth is perhaps only thousands of years old, and that the year age that evolution-believing "scientists" have LOUDLY and repeatedly proclaimed to be a fact, is actually based on a strong desire to eliminate God from His own Creation rather than on scientific facts.A "clock" is any geophysical or astronomical process that is changing at a constant rate.

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