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The first record of the use of insects in a forensic investigation in the West dates from 1855.

Thus while other forensic sciences, such as toxicology, forensic pathology, blood-spatter analysis, and ballistics, developed into accepted forensic tools, beginning in the late 1800s, forensic entomology was seldom practiced.Indeed, in other parts of the book, Sung talks about the blow flies' activities in natural body openings and wounds, including an explanation of the relationship between maggots and adult flies, and discusses the timing of their invasion of a corpse.Not until several centuries later, in 1668, was the link between fly eggs and maggots discovered in the West.Finally, the magistrate ordered all the village men to assemble, each with his own sickle.In the hot summer sun, flies were attracted to one sickle, because of the residue of blood and small tissue fragments still clinging to the blade and handle.

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