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Despite not being one of her own, Rita welcomed Bob’s children from other relationships into her home.

Marley." Damian’s commercial breakthrough was the 2004 single “Welcome to Jamrock.” He's won two Grammy awards and lives in Miami, Florida. Damian’s mother, Cindy Breakspeare, was Miss World in 1976, and she raised her son in a Kingston suburb, not far from Rita Marley.

The success of the single led to a bidding war for Damian’s next album, and he decided to sign with Universal.

Working with Stephen as a co-producer, Damian put out his biggest album to date.

The self-described “Queen Diva of New Orleans Bounce,” Big Freedia thrust herself into southern hip-hop culture in 1999 ― but it wasn’t until a decade later that she gained widespread recognition.

Freedia’s larger-than-life persona attracted shot-callers at TV network Fuse in 2013 when the station gave Freedia her own reality series.

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