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Prepare yourself for continued conflict after the break-up for he will fight the decision tooth and nail.The narcissist will be worried about how you will make them look plus the added effort of having to find another person to abuse.However, this causes the narcissist to experience “withdrawal” from not having enough ‘narcissistic supply’.In his frantic desire to gain a “fix” of narcissistic supply, he will respond in one of two ways.

Narcissists take advantage of your good nature and they know how to get you to feel sorry for them.He may suddenly soften toward you, he may seem sweet and probably even claim that he will change for you.A narcissist will try to talk his way back in the door claiming unfinished business or the need to talk.However, if he knows that you have figured him out, he will not want to be around you for fear that you will tell people the truth.He is less likely to contact you after the break-up.

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