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What little was significant during that conversation could have occurred anywhere else; it was just an excuse for fanservice. (Actually that would be a pretty sick show) - Stop Drop And Bowl Wordsmith said: Problem, officer? Oh, and you can try to criticize my credibility when you don't make comments about drooling at lolis. More evidence that it's the two of them together that make the glow.

Honestly, in your mind, w/o the fanservice, it would probably be a good episode. WTF IS THIS SHIT BURN IT WITH FIRE DERP Honestly, look beyond your own nose for once and stop this senseless hating, unless you desperately WANT your credibility to take a nose dive, turning you into just a Troll. I listed plenty of problems besides fanservice--mostly revolving around the fact that almost nothing happened. If you could read, you could see it isn't senseless hating (not like hating fanservice is senseless, anyway; quite the contrary, actually). I love how some are calling this episode 'fanservice' x D Really, you guys must be really sheltered if you think that's anything to talk about ;) I didn't think of it as fanservice really, I was too concentrated on everything else that was going on. Still love this show the most out of all the shows this season for sure ~ EDIT Now that I think about it, I'm thinking all those centers whom 'graduate' go on to work at that shrine thing probably.^ Sensei is Akimoto Yasushi's title since he's the VP of Kyoto uni of art so he's sensei-sensei and also that.....w/e in that shrine. Am I the only one that didn't get the "fanservice" feel from the bath scene?

That being said remains to see if that duck was will go away.

---------------------------------------- A very nice episode that continues the training from last episode whom I had no time to comment upon yet. In fact I did not even think the fan service would balloon that much but it’s official that now now I had some vibes from last episode something was stirring up so to speak and with the showers thing 2 episodes before but it came to fruit finally in this episode. First being the bath in the spoiler whom included rather non censored water clearings that showed rather well what needs to be seen there mainly the ass and chest if you looks carefully.

: P - They inserted the cover of AKB48 song on one of the magazine/book the trainee was reading, Give me Five (where akb actually learned instruments, except for Yuko who already know bass and Kojiharu who already know piano) -Orine and Yuka trying to make Tomochin infamous duck lips in the end just cracked me up.

It's a requirement to have duck lip if you want to be tomomchin?

Can't wait for the next episode so much ;~; Nice episode, it taught me some about the characters and it gave some background information. It would be hard to determine which would be safer between this and recursive cloning... She's putting in a lot of effort with the references. She's putting in a lot of effort with the references. O crazy I need more to check that part of staff list :) BUT I would much more that this would be this reference as this thing taken literally is creepy - not in a fact that they want to have kid that looks similar but that they train it to act and think in a manner similar to those before her (she wasn't perfectly happy about it, but accepted it) - that I would call sad and somehow unfitting to rest of series yet if you say so while knowing a lot more about AKB - it may be plausible and I hope it's thisakbfan said: Actually... Because one of Itano Tomomi's, b side song for her new single 10 nen, is call Clone. v=SY2DNARD1143 Mari Okada's is actually an AKB fangirl herself. one who was working in Kodomo no Jikan, Toradora, Simoun and Sketchbook o.

XD -Oh and the Tomochin army might be a joke on one of her song's horrible tho. v=SY2DNARD1143 ---------------- No song insert this ep. The 18th roll - Rules of being Tomochin *********************************************** To be Tomochin - One should raise her sense of beauty To be Tomochin - One should be taste-deaf To be Tomochin - One should be a hardworker To be Tomochin - One should be good at make-up To be Tomochin It was interesting and fun episode.

Jesus, people and their "holier than thou" attitude these days... I mean it's a bath scene but bath culture is normal and everyday situation in Japan so they have to show it eventually.

There weren't explicit positions to make it "fanservicy" either so it's not like it was a big deal I just saw it as "oh they're taking a bath." Maybe the most fanservice thing happening in this show is that there's ALOT of inside references to AKB48 that the average fans would enjoy more than the people that don't know AKB.

IDK how a cyborg can swim but if they have money for cyborg, it's probably waterproof -Kasai Tomomi is one of the "sexy" member because she exude "pheromones" which is a slang for being sexy without trying so when Sayaka was mad at Mimori and say "Who are you trying to be, Tomo-mi? - Itano Tomomi a member who do alot of modeling, who Tomochin in the show is based off, it's known for her tastelessness...meaning she can eat even bad tasting foods and think it's normal.

-Kojima Haruna, or Nyan Nyan's pheromone joke probably came from who her character is based off, , who's a popular member that do modeling and is known for her nice, and according to lesbian fans, ero/sexy body.

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