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World Music/CRASHarts has commissioned Alonzo King LINES Ballet's new collaboration with tabla virtuoso Zakir Hussain, who has composed music especially for this project and will perform the East Coast premiere onstage, with Sabir Khan playing sarangi.

When Anna falls in love with a shipwrecked sailor, her father and her suitor come to recognize their own culpability in her plight, and all three struggle in their own way for salvation.

He is a dark, enigmatic prince obsessed with seeking revenge for his father's death.

She is a steadfast rebel who challenged the powers of the Church to restore France to greatness.

Inspired by painter Jacob Lawrence's groundbreaking series about "The Great Migration," the company transforms the work into a textured, interdisciplinary movement piece incorporating South African gumboot, Western African dance, vocals, drumming, and audience participation.

In this stunning world premiere, The White Card unfolds a meticulously crafted story, raising uncomfortable questions about what is — and who are — on display.

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