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The doctor asked me why they want you dead cause they are trying to kill you. Now i am better thanks to a good doctor and the fact that my sisters dead lawyers wife Alica Olmyer told us everything about how her husband had my father lock me up and how his friend Dr.Thomas was paid to diagnose me as a crazy so i could not testify or ever be able to have a voice to fight this attack on my father and family and this country.Later i would learn he had worked in the same office as my cousin Penny Drraulley, psychiatrist to the New Orleans Police Department.The day after My sisters arrested the new paper reports that she just graduated from hypnotherapy school ,the school was in St.For this choice that they have made the doom themselves and our country ..The witnesses to this murder are paid or scarred or both they are addicts and weirdos ,my first experienced with what is now called a crisis actor.This is the rapist of my daughter and killer of my dad and now he's a freemason. HE won't even pay his own wife's bills after her death.

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this drove my ignorant child raping drug dealing clan backed uncles to murder every in law and punish all those related who crossed the white cocaine backed power line.

Bernard parish and like Scrurria now live in Vicksburg Dewayne De roach, who under the direction of Billy Sheffield And Buddy Newman helped kill my family and help with the take downing of the shuttle.

Ricky lived in Eden iles whose canals conect to the canals behind MIchoud facillity.

People that were at the murder of my daughter said how they held her down and put morphine up her rectum to kill her and then Lance Burton raped her dead body and they all went out to eat pizza and stole all her things this all done with the help of law enforcement to kill my daughter cause like all the others they kill she didn't want to be like them and nor did i.

you can in the full autopsy see see put up a fight.

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