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Fanboy: Are you the guys passing out the Qwandor petition?

I mean, it's just women aren't strong enough to be dragons.

I was 30, single, working as a secretary, and living in Brooklyn just a scant block from the unremitting gray of Coney Island Avenue.

The thought of eight days of eating big meals in a sukkah, an outdoor wooden hut, filled me with a strange dread.

Strange, because Sukkot had actually been my favorite holiday as a child.

I had wonderful memories of my father patiently piecing together the wood panels, my siblings and I zealously decorating every square inch of wall, my mother’s pungent Moroccan soup, feasting out there, sleeping out there, our rowdy family trying to rein itself in, not wanting to freak out our non-Jewish neighbors.

Jake-as-Holt: Yes, he seems that way, but I know the real Jake. And when this is all through, we're going on a road trip together.

Rosa: My neighbors think my name is Emily Goldfinch. Rosa: People I work with all think my name is Rosa Diaz.

Highlights include a free lecture by Latin X musician and poet Elysia Crampton, Friday the 6th at 6PM on CMU Campus.In 1997, high-schooler Tim Sweeney came to Pittsburgh to visit his brother John, the host of WRCT show “Hi Fi Breakdown” at the time.John invited him on as a guest DJ, and two and a half years later he got his own radio show on WNYU Radio the now legendary Beats In Space.Free, all-ages DJ Workshops with Berlin-based collective Room 4 Resistance, and local femme sound engineers, happens Saturday the 7th from 2-8 PM at Ace Hotel with help from Carnegie Library music lending. HQ, and for tickets go to Every Friday morning, tune into Pinkney Hall.In May, you will hear music with the following themes, along with newly released music and music from artists appearing in Pittsburgh. May 13 – We’ll feature music by artists from Pittsburgh. May 27 – To start Memorial Day weekend off on a good note, we’ll play summer songs.

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