Sagittarius dating a virgo man

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The Sag doesn’t have the patience to linger and figure him/her out. On the other hand, the Archer will find Virgo too quiet and rigid.Virgo prefers to stay home while Sagittarius wants to come out and play.However, the right person can change their perception on relationships.

Those born under this sign thrive best when they go over details, make lists, plan things in advance, stick to routines and put things in order. The Archer or Centaur, a half man/half animal, is the symbol for the ninth sign of the zodiac.On the other hand, Virgo can keep the extremely impulsive Archer grounded and help him/her approach life more carefully.If these two can find ways to balance their differences, their relationship has the potential to last and stay strong.Virgo is structured while the Archer does thingshis/her way.However, if Virgo and Sagittarius hook up when they are mature already, things will take a different turn.

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