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Because we rarely pause to reflect on such trivialities.The unexamined life and all that…The field of AI is full of people working to replicate or simulate various features of our intelligence. The holy grail of AI research was established before AI research ever even began.Our brains have been likened to little more than Theory of Mind machines—almost all of our higher level processing power is shunted into this singular task.So what is Theory of Mind, and why is this topic so rarely discussed if our brains are indeed so obsessed?Again: (1) A body that responds to stimuli; (2) a method of communication; and (3) an algorithm that attempts (with little success) to deduce the reasons and motivations for these communications.The critical ingredient here is that the algorithm in (3) must usually be wrong.Theory of Mind is the attempt by one brain to ascertain the contents of another brain.

What follows is a very brief guide on how to build a self-conscious machine, and why no one has done so to date (thank goodness).

Longer still to cope with the disagreements and separate needs of those other people’s brains and thoughts.

And for many of us (possibly most), any sort of true self-knowledge and self-enlightenment never happens.

If this blueprint is confusing to you, you aren’t alone.

The reason no one has built a self-conscious machine is that most people have the wrong idea about what consciousness is and how it arose in humans. We’ll return to the blueprint later to describe how this algorithm might be programmed.

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