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Per fess, argent and azure, three annulets countercharged are the arms of the Devon branch of the of Poer Hayes, later Duke Hayes, later Hayes Barton, near Exeter, which estate the family owned for over 400 years.Sir Walter Raleigh (1552/4-1618) was born at Hayes Barton, which was leased from the Duke family at the time. 1825), married Charles Simpson, a barrister, in 1865 and their daughter, Henrietta Mary Amy ('Amy') Simpson, married John St.One source that I have seen says that this family (of The Times) lived at Farley Hill before moving to Bearwood, Sindlesham, Berks.There appears to be some confusion here as I do not think they can be the same person but they may be of the same family; John Walter of Farley Hill, brother of Charlotte, was the son of John Abel Walter, whereas John Walter, the founder of The Times, is recorded as being the son of a Richard Walter.In 1832 he was removed, after one year in office, from his position as Professor of Political Economy at King's College, London, for supporting the Catholic Church in Ireland; he proposed that the rich, minority Protestant Church in Ireland should give money to ' of 1859, where over 2,000 British soldiers and five warships were involved in a stand-off with some 500 American soldiers with 14 cannon in a dispute over the killing of a pig, which was, as it turned out, the only casualty). The leading member of the family at that time was Don* Abraham Senior** of Segovia, Castile (b 1410/12 d 1493), who rose to become probably the wealthiest and most powerful Jew in Spanish history.

In 1832 he wrote 'I have had several propositions to be a candidate for the ensuing House of Commons, but have rejected the temptation, believing that what spare time I have can be more usefully employed in preparing measures to be introduced by others than in hearing long speeches and making indifferent ones' . John Raven, my ancestor, who was the father of Frances Raven. He had three children, Abraham, Rachel and Henrietta, before he married his second or third wife, Elizabeth Baldrick nee Halsey* in 1727, mother of Nassau Thomas Senior, my ancestor, and Ascanius William Senior.Senior principally who, when the Ministers shrank aghast from the completeness and consistently logical principle of the measure recommended - as is the wont of Ministers to do - gradually screwed up their courage to the sticking point, and by his pertinacity and persuasiveness succeeded at once in convincing their loose understandings and encouraging their timid nerves. This name implies that he did not have a surname, which is a mystery.****The idea that Don Abraham Senior was irreligious is a calumny that was invented by his detractors (even after some 500 years some writers cannot 'forgive' Don Abraham for his 'sin' of converting to Christianity).[...] It rarely falls to the lot of any individual to do so much permanent good to his country by the labours of a whole life as Mr. In fact, what was almost certainly a Other writers (notably Salvador de Madariaga and Simon Wiesenthal) have speculated that the longings of the Conversos who supported Columbus may have run parallel to the dreams of the discoverer himself, namely, an obsessive dream to find a refuge for the Jews in the lands that he hoped to find across the Atlantic.He married Mary Charlotte Mair (1792-1883), daughter of John Mair of Iron Acton.Nassau William Senior was of the 19th century and he acted as an advisor to successive British governments on important economic and political issues, including trade unionism, employment, wages, working hours, education and Ireland.

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