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Actor Nick Stabile took over the role temporarily following the 2004 Summer Olympic Games (which preempted Passions for a few weeks), while Hartley's wife, fellow Passions star Lindsay Hartley was on maternity leave.Fox, as played by Hartley, was a fan favorite amongst Passions viewers.If you use one password for everything, a stolen password means that the thief has access to .

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Instead, use a secure password management software service such as Passpack.

For example, a store you shop at (online or in person) could have information stolen that is then used to hack into your bank account, steal your identity or even access your email.

The first step to online safety is to ensure you have secure passwords that are changed frequently and to have a different password for every site or asset that requires one, including your home computer.

These include: A recent study showed that 64% of U. adults felt that “made-up news caused a great deal of confusion about basic facts of current events.” Before you can determine what type of stories out there are real and which ones are fake, you first have to know what fake news is.

According to the Globe and Mail, fake news is disinformation for profit, political gain or crime; viral pranks; or unethically reporting a hoax or fake news story as fact.

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