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We’ve been asked not to reach out to her at all at this time.

Our team is respecting that, but understand that eventually she will transition back to her prior role, which means we’ll be interacting with her frequently.

I am 100% percent sure that they are together because I can hear their conversations, have delivered messages to them, and Jane talks to me about Fergus.

Jane’s family is from India and she is in an arranged marriage and has told me how much she wishes she could be with Fergus instead of her husband.

I want to find the balance of integrating her after an absence without triggering negative emotions/responses for her.

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Think of a director of marketing taking a typing speed test. I almost walked out several times, but I figured, “what the hell, at least it’s a good story.” I am now so turned off by this company that I am considering canceling my interview tomorrow.

It’s been about a week and she is still in the office.

He can’t fire her because if he did then HR would find out he had a relationship with someone below him, which is against the rules.

So what do you suggest I do to get out of this drama? It’s highly likely that HR is going to find out about this at some point.

Because she confided in me and because he’s my boss I’m right in the middle of it. You’d be entirely justified in reporting it to them; your boss abused his power by becoming sexually involved with someone he manages.

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