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Health choices and actions reflect the individual's place in her world, including her cultural, social, and spiritual perspective.These beliefs will form the basis for her actualization of health choices.It is a transformative process in which the health professional functions as a partner with the patient and her family in education, consciousness raising, and advocacy.This process is characterized by a respect for the patient's autonomy and an acknowledgment of the dynamic relationship between the patient and her environment.

Many of the health problems that plague women today may be avoided or lessened through better health education and community and public health programs.The multiplicity of emotional, spiritual, social, financial, and cultural dimensions to health should also be considered.In addition, a new view of women's health is especially needed because of the great change and expansion from its original focus on reproductive health.The population increase of aging or elderly women is significant.An estimated 45 million Americans are 65 years of age and older, approximately 55% of whom are women.

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