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Who would you prioritize if you were in the indie/radio station’s shoes? Every once in a blue moon a song will be so powerful that it can’t not be played, and it doesn’t matter if it’s on a major or not. The reality is the songs you hear on Big Time radio all got their the same way, and if you look at the label who released these songs, 99% of the time, they’ll be on a major. Any time a system exists that is as corrupt as what I’ve outlined, it eventually falls under its own weight.

Assuming you had a million bucks or so, you very well could hire yourself some of these indies to “work” your record to Big Time radio, and, believe me, they’d take your money.

shows that feature local music, which are typically aired on weekends or late at night — when few people are listening), and it goes so well, that other stations pick up on it.

All of the above seems (and is) fair and reasonable.

Here’s why: You’ve come to these indies, and they’ve gone to the labels, and they’ve taken your money, and they know that you’re probably not coming back any time soon.

On the other hand, the majors are coming every week with money and new artists.

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