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An earthquake swarm at Katla or Hekla causes all sorts of media alarms to go off, which is surprising considering the last three eruptions in Iceland came from Barðarbunga (well, the Holuhraun field, in 2014-15), Grímsvötn (in 2011) and Eyjafjallajökull (in 2010).

There is plenty of volcanic unrest in Iceland to spread around in this geologically unique landscape.

Rocky Planet covers all the geologic events that made and will continue to shape our planet.

From volcanoes to earthquakes to gold to oceans to other solar systems, I discuss what is intriguing and illuminating about the rocks beneath our feet and above our heads.

The IMO has installed more seismometers around the volcano to keep track of all these earthquakes.

However, repeated swarms like this might suggest that magma is continuing to fill the magmatic system under the ice caps.) and my friends’ sex life on an almost daily basis.But having lived in England for the past 3 years I’ve come to realize that this may be one of the reasons people call me ‘crazy’ wherever I travel: This Icelandic open attitude towards sex and nudity.Right now, it is that has the attention of the Icelandic Meteorological Office, which monitors volcanoes in Iceland. Well, that’s OK because it (a) is buried under ice and (b) hasn’t erupted since 1728. The last two known eruptions have been a VEI 4 (1728) and a VEI 5 (1362), both of which were explosive eruptions from under the ice.The caldera that caps the volcano is partially underneath the Vatnajökull ice cap, which also covers nearby Grímsvötn and on the far side, Barðarbunga.

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