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He reasoned that if Veronica saw him, he could say he had only been kidding and had just arrived.

He reached a good spot but after a few minutes, he noticed that they didn't walk past him.

That was when Mark remembered what Veronica had said once, that sometimes the parties were at Mr. Knowing now where the group might be headed, Mark crossed the street toward their office and walked as briskly as he could, unworried about being noticed because the storm was getting worse.

Quickly he walked out into the snow toward the parking lot, but as he spied the office across the way, he realized that they weren't heading that way, they were going in a slightly different direction.Deciding to find out what she was up to, he told her he would still go to the casino, but with the deteriorating conditions, he probably wouldn't get there for at least two hours, so she could finish up with her work and he would meet her in one of the gaming rooms.His concerns were intensified when he heard Veronica sigh.He had lost them, and started to search for them, becoming a bit frantic when he didn't see the group anywhere, then he saw them on the first floor, they had taken the stairs.Only they had now been joined by another man, Thomas, the owner of the company.

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