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Ninety percent of what I knew about them was based solely on physical appearance as I was uncertain about anything they had told me thus far; yet they had managed to do something to me I could not ever remember a single woman doing, let alone two -- seduce me.

The last time I remembered being seduced was by models in magazines, actresses on television, and pop stars on stage.

I suppose this feeling is a bit difficult to convey.

All I knew was the entire thing was erotic, to be sure.

I knew nothing of these girls -- not their interests, not their likes or their dislikes, not what kind of music they enjoyed, not even what they enjoyed sexually.It was as if their brains were sending electro chemical signals throughout their entire bodies and they were willing those signals to fire off simultaneously in an effort to mirror each other perfectly. I'll speak more on this subject at a later time, but for now I'll just say that this realization happened quickly on a deeply subconscious level.Consequently it was this realization which contradicted their statements regarding themselves as virgins.I suppose this is the point in the story where I express guilt or uneasiness about what I had done with the busty twin daughters of two of my closest friends, and what I had allowed them to do.I suppose this is the part where I explain that I had some reservations about what we were about to do; that my mind was fighting itself about whether the situation I found myself in was good or bad, right or wrong.

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