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With the money they gave me I could start gambling again. But my desperation to get the money back, plus the effect of the bourbon, overcame my scruples.My losses had been shared pretty evenly among the four men, so they were not short of cash.But as I stepped out of the skirt and Bill held my outstretched hand, the room became silent again as they gazed at me.My long legs were set off perfectly by the spike heels, and my black lacy thong was cut high on my thighs, and disappeared between my cheeks.After fumbling with the catch and zip for a bit, he slowly drew my skirt down my legs, managing to get a nice feel of my ass as his hands passed.When my black thong came into view, he paused, and the other two applauded and whistled.The games flowed on, as did the bourbon and coke I was drinking, which didn't taste as dis Tedting as I had expected.

"So you have no problem in taking off your clothes in front of men," he grinned.

So I had about 0 with me, which was what we had budgeted to spend on the trip, as we had full board at the hotel.

I sat down at the table, drinks were poured, and we started.

We were invited to his house on the first night of our stay.

I was introduced to his girlfriend Anne who suggested that I went out for a drink with her the following evening. But I must warn you that we play for quite high stakes." "Thanks, that's fine," I replied, thinking that I could take these guys on easily, and make some extra spending money. I had already noticed them eying me up from across the room.

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