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Because of the temptation to present an over glorified version of yourself, Web-cam and chat room sex will also encourage the development of false self.

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Violent threats, hostile outbursts and being blackmailed into sending explicit images, are just some examples of the potential fall-out a woman might face – even for just ignoring or rebuffing a would-be suitor.

In a culture where men are generally still expected to take the lead in sexual relationships, being denied all of these opportunities may make some men feel powerless in the online dating game and so turn to harassment or intimidation to try and re-establish a sense of power.

Consider the following story relayed to me during my research: my interviewee, after declining a man’s interest on a popular dating site, described receiving a message from him with a picture of an erection next to a kitchen knife.

Considering the numerous studies now proving pornography addiction is destructive to men on every level it seems obvious that engaging in pornography use is one of the signs of narcissism.

Like Narcissus, a pornography addict stares into a pool (his computer) longing for love he will never find there.

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