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In those parts the common transport are jeeps and the like (other than the buses i.e.).When I got off from the train I realized I had lost the address and phone numbers I needed for references to reach my destination venue.He said I could come to his house and stay until I could locate my destination. I was told it was about 2 to 3 hours drive to his house.His name was Lakhan Seth and his wife was Juhiya or something like that (I couldn’t understand their pronunciations properly).Even in the train I had noticed she had to frequently breastfeed the baby.Each time she secretly opened her blouse and bra to feed the baby my eyes tried to get a glimpse of her tits from any possible angle.There was very little space for the two of us, hence terribly uncomfortable.Juhiya squeezed herself in whatever little space was there between the door and me.

I felt possessed by an evil spirit forcing my hands to pull away the saree to get a mouthful of her huge balls. Yet at the slightest jerk of the jeep I tried to brush my hands or elbows against her most sensitive parts.Lakhan Seth didn’t seem to even bother letting his wife sit with a stranger in the partitioned back seat.Juhiya came and sat next to me as there was no other place with loads of parcels stuffed together with me.Once again he gave lots of instructions to Juhiya that she should look after me very well and see to it that I am not deprived of any necessities.Saying so, he left Juhiya and me alone with the harmless kid.

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