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So thus the years came and went and we en- joyed them in our simple cabin houses and were happier in our freedom than a king on his throne.

R 195 Pe'ition by Attorney Curtis, 213 Public Utilities 110 People's Bank 114 Quaker Trace. He says: "We came to this state in 1835 and went to work in the woods on some land our father had entered from the government in the previous spring. 1 remained at home until I was of age, and went to work for myself, doing anything I could find to do, principally clear- ing land, splitting rails and chopping wood, until I earned money enough to enable me to enter forty acres of land. Dent at eleven dollars a month till I could pay for it. The puncheon floor was hewed smooth on the upper side and was substantial and solid. The clapboard roof was held in place by weight poles. The open- ings between the logs were chinked with small pieces of wood and daubed with clay mortar. Our loft had a clapboard floor, and we went up stairs on a ladder made of iron-wood poles.

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