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Many reported the sudden appearance of small clouds of dense fog on the pathways, which on occasion took recognisable shapes. In 1972 Peter Goldsmith, a 46-year-old ex-Royal Marine in perfect health disappeared while walking in the wood.

Others simply had the uncomfortable premonition of being followed. Then strange things really did start happening in Clapham Wood. His decomposed body was found in a bush six months later.

Suddenly the Long Man once again sported a 7 metre cock and balls.

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In 1987, a sensationalist account of the mystery was given by local council worker turned supernatural sleuth, Charles Walker.

As we entered the small town of Pulborough my wife muttered from behind the steering wheel, “There’s something weird about Sussex”. “Anyway, I on…” At that moment the chip shop door burst open. They were bleeding and punching each other in the face.

I had to confess that the same thought had troubled me before. Both were dressed in tabards and medieval guildsmen’s costumes, with matching belts, leggings and leather shoes with massive silver buckles. I never set out to write about myself and certainly not about my time in straight-laced Sussex. It was the last Saxon county to be converted to Christianity.

By the 1970’s Sussex had some fresh occult associations, such as the Clapham Woods mystery.

Stories first began to circulate about the area in the west of the county in the sixties, when reports were made of unusual lights.

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