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has been celebrating its 50th anniversary in recent weeks with many of the show’s former stars back for at least short stints including Genie Francis, Rick Springfield, Jack Wagner, Jacklyn Zeman and even Richard Simmons.

Georganne and I conducted the interview via email but we first chatted on the phone for about an hour – all off the record – about her days on , about Cher, about Chaz, about Twitter, the unreliability of Wikipedia and several other topics.

And it is for THEM that I wish ABC had brought me back.

But who knows – anything can happen in soaps and maybe Robin will get tired of playing Heather or Richard Dean will express an interest in reuniting with me on the show, or enough fans might write in asking to see me back – you just never know, I might get the opportunity to play Heather again after all. Why did you leave the profession and fill us in on what you have been doing since. My reason for leaving acting was truly just “geographical”. Weekend Round-Up: Chelsea Manning; Sam Smith; Tom Cruise; Tennessee town drag show ban?

Twerking was a top trending meme and topic of debate since 2013.

The Oxford Dictionaries blog states, "the most likely theory is that it is an alteration of work, because that word has a history of being used in similar ways, with dancers being encouraged to "work it".So even though she rarely gives interviews these days, she’s not new at it! As I was the original Heather Webber (originally Heather Grant) I had the pleasure and the privilege of creating WHO Heather was (and is). Truthfully because I was foolish and young and didn’t appreciate at the time what a great job I had!I’m happy to share Part 1 of my interview with Georganne with you today. This is the 50th anniversary week for General Hospital and there are so many loyal fans who remember you as the original Heather Webber. I created the template for Heather and I am very proud of the character I had the privilege of creating. I had some very bad business advice at the time from my manager who wanted me to leave to do movies or whatever and unfortunately I didn’t trust my own instincts that told me to STAY on GH.I worried that she might not be as candid in her email answers.But she was as open and honest as she was during our conversation during which she mentioned that she did her first interview back in 1965 with . Of course it is always hindsight that is 20/20 but looking back on my career I enjoyed the role of Heather Webber more than any other role I have played.

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