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We have checked the sources and citations quoted by both sides (pro & anti).

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People with high arch should look for more balance or cushion.You will find sources that talk about pronation or a specific arch type as the biggest culprit behind all problems and injuries related to running.It is observed that overpronators have a slightly higher risk of injury in the leg and foot region but there are many studies that didn’t find a link between moderate pronation and injury risk.It can save and return up to 17% of the mechanical effort.Running would have been a lot more tiring if we didn't have this spring-like mechanism in our feet.

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    Be aware -- the Web search might have been on a legitimate topic, or there might have been a minor error, like a double x typed in a word, such as "fox." Finally, he or she could have been sent to site without knowing its content by following instructions from someone with whom he or she was chatting online.