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By her early 20s, she was married and acting in one Iranian film after another.

Some of these films were banned in the country, but that only made them more popular on Tehran's DVD black markets and at international film festivals.

"I don't want to be a political figure," Farahani says.

A Groundbreaking Role A couple weeks later, Iran's authorities having been surprisingly cooperative, Farahani sat waiting in Los Angeles.

She didn't have the role just yet, but if she got it, she would be the first Iranian actress to work for a Hollywood studio since Iran's Islamic Revolution in 1979 and the subsequent US Embassy hostage crisis. on the spot, since the American embargo against Iran technically prohibited such a collaboration. The studio consulted with the State Department, and eventually a compromise was found, with Warner Bros.' London branch signing Farahani's contract.

"I hope I'm not one." Then she relates stories of secret police interrogations in Tehran, of being offered a role that caused a brouhaha at the US State Department and of a career that in recent years has taken her around the globe -- to New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Cannes, Venice and Morocco, but no longer to Tehran, where her parents live. Golshifteh Farahani looks like a model and speaks like a civil rights activist with nothing to lose -- eloquent and passionate in her nearly perfect English.

She only wears a headscarf now when a role calls for it, for example in the film adaptation of "The Patience Stone," which came out this month in German cinemas after making the international festival circuit. She talks about herself, about him, about their marriage when she was 17, about her secret wishes and desires, about sex, about all the things that remain unsaid in many relationships, in the West too.

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