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And, like many things that exist in the dark, it scares us to imagine seeing it in the glaring light of day.

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The 1960s saw an increase in legalized hardcore porn from Europe in magazines and on 8mm film, which was often looped and played in adult bookstores’ popular peep-show booths.

American filmmakers soon followed suit, giving rise to a budding porn industry on this side of the pond.

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Before I became a journalist whose beat was the adult entertainment industry, I was just like thousands, probably millions, of other Americans.

But by the release of the Reagan-backed Meese Commission’s report on pornography in 1986, many Americans were investing in home viewing systems to consume their sexy films in private, and the market expanded accordingly.We almost all watch porn for free online, but we try not to think about it because we’re remorseful, and because we don’t really understand what we’re seeing.But no matter whether we regret our decisions or not, we keep going back to it.Virtual reality tech was adopted by pornographers long before mainstream producers took it on.Text messaging may never have become the go-to short-form communication of the new millennium if photos and videos had not been thrown into the mix, enabling “sexting.” Virtually every media-sharing platform and app must grapple with the masses’ wont to use it for sending, receiving, or watching sexy media. As of 2016, CNN reported that between fifty and ninety-nine percent of American men, and thirty to eighty-six percent of American women, consume pornography.

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